Without title: three natural stones, leaf gold
and leaf silver, 28 cm long, 24 cm broad,
36 cm high, weight 32 kg

Without title: natural stone, walnut,
leaf copper, 28 cm long, 20 cm broad,
11 cm high

“Golden stone in stone bowl”: natural stones,
leaf gold, 24 cm long, 19 cm broad, 12 cm high,
weight 6.5 kg

“Nest”: natural stones, bantam egg,
leaf copper. 13 cm long, 13 cm broad,
7,5 cm high, weight 950 g

Silver balls in the tunnel: natural stone,
massive balls of silver, 15 cm long,
10 cm broad, 13 cm high, weight 2.5 kg

Without title: bantam eggs, natural sandstone,
leaf gold, 38 cm long, 32 cm broad, 15 cm high,
weight 13,5 kg

“Incredible India”: natural stone with
quarzt veins, 50 cm long, 67 cm broad,
8 cm high, weight 29 kg

“The gift”: natural stone with white quartz veins,
red string, 20 cm long, 22 cm broad, 22 cm high,
weight 13 kg

“Playground of fairies’ children”: three trunks of common
hornbeam, antlers of roe deer, shell of wineyard snails,
walnuts, colour, trunks are 24, 30 and 84 cm high

“Golden island”: natural stone with lines of erosion,
leaf gold, 45 cm long, 36 cm broad, 11 cm high,
weight 29 kg

“Natural Shiva”:
natural stone, trunk of common hornbeam,
30 cm broad, 40 cm high

“Bound by love”: three natural heart shaped stones,
a cord of fine gold, 8 cm long, 8,5 cm broad,
6 cm high, weight 450 g

Mons veneris: natural stone,
shell, colour. 16 cm long, 11 cm broad,
7,5 cm high, weight 1,7 kg

“Pierced to the heart”:
natural heart-shaped
stones, fine gold

“Passion of Christ”: four square granite
stones, obove leaf-silver, inside red colour,
size 20 to 20 cm, can be model for big sculpture

“Prometheus”: natural stone, anthic torso
made of soapstone, silver wire.
13 cm high

“Yin Yang”: natural stones, massive ball of 750 gold,
many small pellets of pure silver. 5 / 7 cm long,
6 / 5.5 cm broad, 2 / 3.5 cm high, weight 0.1 / 0.15 kg

“Golden Shiva”: natural stone in form of a Shiva lingam,
leaf gold, trunk of cherrywood, red felt. 39 cm long, 35 cm
broad, 47 cm high, weight 24 kg and 14 kg

“Earth Mother”: trunk of a tree with
natural cave, colour, leaf-gold, ostrich eggs.
50 cm long, 60 cm broad, 130 cm high

“Nest of the bird of paradise”: trunk of a tree,
which was hit by a lighning, three bantam eggs,
colour. 64 cm high

Art objects


“art follows nature” is the philosophy of AMAROT. In the beginning there are always extraordinary finds, designed by nature. The idea for the art piece follows, combining and using extraordinary, long-lasting, natural materials. 

AMAROT materials

For my works I use natural stones, minerals, petrified stones, gemstones, archaeologic artefacts, shells, antlers, eggs, nuts, different timbers, wool and felt, bones, gold, silver, leaf gold, leaf silver and leaf copper, pearls and colour.

The AMAROT’s philosophy

Art provides sensible evidence of inexhaustible and limitless abundance of human awareness. The creative process demands from the artist to embrace the area of concept freedom: S/he’s like a white, sheer, empty canvas where absolutely all can be shown.

I’m understanding art in that manner Thomas Hoover described it in his book “Zen Culture”: The viewer is led away by the artwork from analysis, interpretation and categorisation. He immerges in the stream of enthusiasm and lust for life. In front of a felicitous artwork the viewer loses the sense of ME and IT.