Goldschmiedemeisterin Ingrid Wischka

About Ingrid Wischka

born in Altötting, Bavaria (Germany)

university-entrance diploma

goldsmith school in Pforzheim, Baden-Württemberg (Germany)

journeyman’s certificate and master craftsman’s diploma at jeweller Hemmerle in Munich

since 1993
own workshop and shop in Garching / Alz, design and production of jewellery with precious metals, pearls and precious gem stones

since 2000
creation of nature objects, inspired by Zen arts and Taoism

Presentation and demonstration for preschool children and pupils

Three Friends

Workshop tour

Nursery school childen and pupils are discovering the world of making jewellery. When touring the workshop of AMAROT, children and young people can feel the fascination of the century old tradition of gold work. According to their age, they can learn about the different precious materials and working technics. They see the development from the design in the beginning until the readymade gold work at the end.

Dear educators and teachers, just make an appointment for Your kindergarden group or your class for visiting the AMAROT workshop under

Individual Goldsmith courses

Make Your own jewellery design and production – under the guidance of an experienced master of gold work in her own workshop.
AMAROT offers regulary individual goldsmith courses for one student in one time. The fee is 200.- Euro for 8 hours, without material cost.

Small group courses

Additionally 5 to 8 participants can book an half day course to learn how to make nature objects.
You will get a glimpse of “sabi-wabi”, an important principle in the Zen arts, and “form and emptiness”, the key wisdom of Buddhism, and the consequences of these theories in the practical work.
If the participants wish, there is the possibility to walk to the river Alz, which is just 5 minutes away, to collect the stones for their own objects.
The fee is 30.- Euro per person, duration approximately 3 hours.

A written registration by mail or letter is necessary.

Exhibitions and partnership exhibitions

October 1987Aurifex 87Budapest (Hungary)Exhibition of European and Hungarian gold- and silversmithspartnership exhibition
6. 5. to 10.6.2007Spring exhibitionMühldorf at the Inn, Bavaria (Germany)Exhibition in the chambers of the lawyers Siemund and Partners, Huterergasse 14single exhibition
23.10. to 27.10.2010Paintings, objects, jewellery, photographic worksTöging at the InnExhibition with Erwino Nitz (photographic works) and Leonhard Rosenberger (paintings) in the seminar house Netzwerk of the company Demmelhuberpartnership exhibition
Sept. to Nov. 2013KunstverwaldungTacherting-Oberbrunnham, Bavaria (Germany)Exhibition with the painter Stefan Heide and the wood sculptor Johannes Gottwald at the Kulturhaus Holzapfelpartnership exhibition
17. to 25.06.2017Paintings, sculpture, jewellery, nature objectsGstadt at the lake Chiemsee, Bavaria (Germany)Exhibition with Erika Holzapfel and Josefine Kohlmeierpartnership exhibition
3. to 28.11.2017Aesthetic duetBurghausen, Bavaria (Germany)Exhibition with Rita Prambs in the galery of the town hallpartnership exhibition

Exhibition in Gstadt at the lake Chiemsee

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